Sally - Mother from Sydney 

"Koa Organics magnesium body butter with lavender has worked miracles for my 1 year old’s sleep and in a very short time. His excessive number of night time wakings has halved, making him more content and allowing me a longer stretch of my own sleep. Just a pea-size amount of magnesium rubbed under his feet at bedtime. Pure magic 🙏🏻 thank you Michelle!"

Kate - Osteo from Rotorua

I was lucky enough to met Michelle on the mountain biking shuttle bus in Rotorua. As a Osteopath and local small business owner in town I was excited to try the Magnesium
Body Butter. I had been struggling for some time with a back niggle (health practitioners make the worst patients) and much to my surprise and delight after one application it was feeling 80% better! I’m a fan, that result says it all for me! Thanks Michelle and I’m looking forward to watching Koa grow.


 Tracey - from New Zealand

I've been suffering from night sweats for the last 3 nights because I'm at that glorious age of MENOPAUSE argggghhhhh. Michelle advised me to spray up to 20-30 sprays of her Magnesium Oil onto my tummy. So I did 20 last night and slept dry as a bone last night. Yah. Thank you Michelle. I love my bed and sleep. 



 Nicole - Mountainbiker from Rotorua

 The Kawakawa balm is amazing. Finally something that really helps the dermatitis on my daughters feet. The magnesium spray is fantastic too, great for tired legs after running or riding.