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Yes, it can happen and it’s normal but we don't hear it much with our brand. Some people can feel tingling initially and then after sustained use for about two weeks, never experience it again. Also, some skins are more sensitive than others so in rare instances you may notice a red rash, and if so, water down 50/50 with warm distilled water or discontinue use. We recommended the Magnesium Butter for children under 8 years of age.
12 months after opening and 24 months unopened.
12 months from opening the bottle and 24 months unopened.
The Magnesium Butter is more suitable for massage and the Magnesium Oil is actually more of a brine and it's a spray on application which soaks into your skin quickly. We love the Oil for a quick spray during the day - and the Butter as part of your night time ritual. They both work the same its personal preference.
With daily use a 100ml bottle will last around 6 months and the 200ml bottle around a year.
For light daily use a 65g jar around 3-6 months and 120g jar around 6-12 months. Heavy users will go through much more quickly.
We recommend the Magnesium Butter over the Magnesium Oil (which is much stronger). Kids and even babies enjoy a little butter on their feet at night to help with sleep and restlessness. Our Butter is also very helpful with growing pains. When your child reaches 8-10 years of age they might start to prefer the spray on Oil.

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