Good Magazine article: Magnificent Magnesium

Founder Michelle Brittain

Driven by a deep passion for the environment and the great outdoors, Koa Organics Skincare founder Michelle Brittain embarked on a mission to craft naturally inspired skincare products that are 100 per cent pure and organic. Using soothing magnesium body formulations and a range of kawakawa skin treatments, meticulously designed to elevate your well-being while nourishing your skin.

Koa Organics is devoted to bringing the serenity of the natural world to your daily skincare routine, and Brittain tells us all about her journey to creating these.

The source of inspiration: What ignited your entrepreneurial journey?

‘It began with a stroll through the enchanting Whakarewarewa Forest during New Year in 2018, alongside my family. There, I encountered Kawakawa leaves, which literally blocked my path, and I made the impromptu decision to take them home to craft a balm. When I witnessed the remarkable transformation of my niece’s dermatitis, clearing up in a mere three days after using the balm, I realised I was onto something special.

This pivotal moment led me to create a label for the balm and, subsequently, a company name. Infused with deep personal significance, I combined my middle name, Joy, with the Maori translation of the forest that brings me immense joy, Ngahere, which became Koa. Thus, Koa Organics was born.

My commitment to using organic ingredients is an extension of my dedication to consuming organic food, reflecting my belief that our bodies deserve nothing but the finest. Nature serves as my guiding light in the development of our products, each of which is imbued with botanical inspiration, for nature possesses the most profound wisdom.”

The innovative turn: What marked the pivotal moment for your business?

“The turning point for my business came after the birth of my second child at the age of 45. With the sudden departure of those wonderful baby hormones, I delved into researching natural solutions to manage the rollercoaster of hormonal symptoms. It dawned on me that women, especially those over 40, often grapple with magnesium deficiencies, and this vital nutrient is no longer as prevalent in our diets as it once was. This revelation gave birth to my own formulation, the Magnesium Body Butter.

The real breakthrough was recognising that my magnesium products effectively address a myriad of issues, from improving sleep and regulating hormones to alleviating period pain, migraines, cramps, hot flashes and so much more.

Knowing that I can assist women in living their lives with less discomfort and greater enjoyment fills me with immense joy and motivates me each day. The heartwarming testimonials from countless women, and even their partners, who have experienced the benefits of my products continue to inspire me.”


Aspirations and visions: What lies ahead?

“The continuous stream of five-star reviews for my products serves as a powerful catalyst to expand their reach and availability. It is incredibly fulfilling to learn how KOA magnesium butters and oils are providing relief for general aches and pains, even in cases of debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia, all through the use of 100 per cent natural ingredients.

In a world dominated by pharmaceutical solutions, this mission gives my life profound purpose and determination. As more men embrace skincare products, they too are discovering respite from restless legs, backaches, knee discomfort, and other joint issues.

My goal is to persist in creating products that enhance our well-being in a natural, holistic manner. My work is my life’s purpose, and I am overjoyed to have found my KOA.”

Michelle Brittain’s remarkable journey from a serendipitous encounter with Kawakawa leaves to the founding of Koa Organics is a testament to the transformative power of nature. Her unwavering commitment to crafting all-natural, botanical skincare solutions has not only enriched the lives of her customers but has also provided resounding proof that the healing process of the natural world is both potent and sustainable.