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Harvesting Kawakawa - Respecting Tikanga and Te Ao Maori

The healing power of glorious Kawakawa is simply astounding, and not to be underestimated. For centuries, Maori have been using Kawakawa as Rongoa (medicine). From consuming in teas and tonics to applying topically for skin ailments and pain relief, there’s a reason: this glorious plant is packed full of healing properties.

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An article about Michelle the Founder of Koa Organics by The Natural Parenting Magazine

With a love for nature and the outdoors, Michelle Brittain set out to produce botanically-inspired skin products that are 100% natural and organic. Koa Organics products are specially formulated to naturally enhance your health and wellbeing, while nourishing your skin. Here Michelle talks about the passion behind her business and how she balances work and family life. 

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Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Butter - which one is best?

Can't decide which one will suit you best? Here are some tips: MAGNESIUM BODY BUTTER Designed for ritual application and enjoyment the Magnesium Body Butter is the one for massaging into your muscles and body. It's gold for getting right into tight muscles and soothing them into relaxation. Even though both will work as effectively as each other the Magnesium Body Butter is absolutely sublime on the soles of your feet at night for encouraging better sleep. And you cant beat a good night's sleep! We like to keep it on the bedside table and apply last thing at night after a shower when the pores are nice and open. Magnesium Body Butter can be enjoyed on the legs; calves,...

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