Magnesium for Kids

Help your kids to get the best out of their day

Rest is key to happy, healthy and active kids. Magnesium helps to promote deeper more restful sleep, setting them up for a great day ahead.

And at the end of a busy day, a Magnesium body butter massage is a lovely way to help tired muscles recover and transition into calm ready for sleep. Magnesium Oil is fast to apply for cramps and growing pains. Topical magnesium is the perfect option for kids - it is gently and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and no tricky tablets to swallow!

We get amazing feedback about our all-natural topical magnesium helping kids to be their best. Hear about our customers experiences.


Getting the most out of magnesium

How to use Topical Magnesium

Find out how to choose the best topical magnesium product for you, and learn how to apply it to get the most out your magnesium.

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